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Flexible COB Strip Light

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Flexible COB Strip Light

COB LED strip lights, also known as Chip-on-Board LED strip lights, are a type of LED strip that utilizes COB technology. COB LEDs consist of multiple LED chips mounted closely together on a circuit board, creating a high-density light source. Unlike traditional LED strips with individual diodes, COB LED strips offer a continuous and seamless lighting appearance.
COB LED strip lights provide excellent lighting uniformity and reduced hotspots due to the close placement of LED chips. They offer high brightness output and efficient light distribution. The compact design of COB LEDs allows for better heat dissipation, resulting in improved longevity and reliability.
Different width 3-20mm and varous colors 2200-6500K,dual colors,RGB or RGBW make them commonly used in architectural lighting, signage, retail displays, and other applications where a smooth and even illumination is desired. They are available in various color options and can be dimmed or controlled to create desired lighting effects. COB LED strip lights are a popular choice for projects that require high-quality, uniform lighting with enhanced performance.

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